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Hearing Quiz

Is it time to have your hearing checked?Please answer the following questions to find out
Do people seem to mumble or speak softly?
Do you have to strain to hear and find it tiring?
Do you misunderstand what others are saying and sometimes answer inappropriately?
Do people complain that you are turning the TV or radio too loud?
Are you having more trouble hearing in background noise than in quiet?
Do you often ask people to repeat what they have said?
Do you hear a ringing or hissing noise, constantly or even occasionally?
Have you been exposed to loud noise over a period of time?
You answered yes to 4 questionsIf you would like us to contact you to go over the results please fill out the contact form
*Please note that if you experience a sudden loss of hearing, with or without onset of dizziness and/or noises in your ears, you should seek medical attention immediately.
Thank you for contacting our clinicWe will contact you to book a hearing assessment and go over your hearing test results

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